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Business Introduction/Textile Materials Division

Delivering warmth and softness to everyday life

Our textiles business has been at the heart of everything we do since our founding. With offices not only in Japan, but also in the USA, Europe and Asia, GSI Creos has a hand in the total production process from material procurement right through to product development. We specialize in myriad fields ranging from innerwear, legwear, outerwear and sportswear etc., harnessing our superior design and production capabilities to support every aspect of your business.

Textile Materials Division
Textile Materials Division
Textile Materials Division

Total commitment to the textile industry
We have a hand in everything from domestic and international product design, material and textile development and procurement right through to product production. This totally integrated production framework is what sets GSI Creos apart from the rest.
Total support for a range of domestic and international clientele
Harnessing our experience in materials and textiles, GSI Creos has supported the production processes of a wide range of clientele including clothing companies. We take pride in the knowledge that we play a role in your success.
Partnerships accommodating a diverse range of needs
GSI Creos has business partnership with approximately 3,500 companies in varying fields in and outside Japan and supplies innovative business models designed to accommodate diverse and individual needs.
Global business expansion into the Chinese market etc.
China is now garnering attention as both a major production and consumer nation. GSI Creos is currently strengthening partnerships with leading companies across China to establish a presence in the domestic Chinese market.

[ Business domains of our textile materials division ]



Material provision coupled with product design
GSI Creos sells functional materials (grey yarn) used in innerwears, stockings and sweaters etc. to clientele in Japan and overseas. We also deal in a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibers, and then select appropriate ones for customers' needs and manufacture printed and Jacquard fabrics. Harnessing our unique know-how and networks, GSI Creos is also working on expanding its product design business.



Development of concept-oriented textiles
GSI Creos also deals in functional and unique textiles used in ladies' and men's wear and outdoor sportswear etc., working in collaboration with clothing companies from the product concept design stage to develop materials and fabrics that are tailor-made to individual products. In recent years, we have been channeling energy into expanding our fabric production capabilities in China.



OEM and ODM business to commercialization of our own brands
GSI Creos handles products in various genres ranging from men's and ladies' wear, innerwear,legwear and outerwear etc. While strengthening coordination between domestic and overseas production facilities and overseas subsidiaries, we are working to expand our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) businesses geared toward domestic and global clientele. GSI Creos also designs, manufactures and markets its own brand labels such as "Mashu Kashu."

The founder of GSI Creos:Daisaku Hayashi
The founder of GSI Creos
Daisaku Hayashi

It all started with silk
GSI Creos was founded in 1927 by Daisaku Hayashi in Yokohama as D. Hayashi Shoten. With his vast experience in the silk trade and far-reaching connections in the USA, he started purchasing silk as the Japanese agent for American silk importer, Van Straaten and Havey, Inc. and succeeded in supplying them with large volumes of raw silk sourced from leading silk suppliers from across Japan. D. Hayashi Shoten was later inaugurated in 1931 marking the birth of GSI Creos.

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