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Privacy Policy

  • GSI Creos Corporation
    Representative Director/President and CEO: Koji Nakashima

Ⅰ . Protecting your personal information

With the exception of special circumstances provided for under relevant laws and regulations, GSI Creos ensures the protection and appropriate treatment of personal information in accordance with the following policy.

1.Appropriate acquisition of personal information, and public announcement and notification concerning the purpose of the use
GSI Creos only acquires personal information through the use of legitimate and fair means. In the case of the acquisition of personal information, GSI Creos will notify individuals of the purpose of the use or publicly announce the purpose of the use.
The use of personal information acquired by GSI Creos is limited to the purpose publicly announced or purpose notified to relevant individuals.
3.Provision to third parties
GSI Creos will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the relevant individuals.
4.Security control measures
GSI Creos establishes appropriate security control measures to prevent the loss, damage, tampering and divulgence, etc. of personal information.
5.Disclosure and corrections, etc.
Any request for disclosure, correction or the suspension, etc. of use of personal information by a relevant individual will be responded to as quickly as possible.
6.Management system
GSI Creos specifies a privacy officer to oversee the protection of personal information and formulates internal guidelines to establish a stringent management system. Internal training and education programs are also implemented to educate and enforce the appropriate handling and treatment of personal information.
7.Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, etc. and on-going improvements to privacy policy
GSI Creos promises to comply with relevant laws and regulations, etc. concerning the protection of personal information and periodically revises our management system to promote on-going improvements to our privacy policy.

Ⅱ . Purpose of use of your personal information

With the exception of special circumstances where relevant individuals are notified separately of the purpose of the use of personal information, GSI Creos handles personal information for the following purposes for the performance of its business operations.

(Business operations)

1. Import, export, purchase and sale of the following products and materials
  • (1) Textile raw materials and products therefrom
  • (2) Industrial machinery, equipment and tools (including metrology equipment, measuring instruments and medical devices) and components thereof
  • (3) Industrial chemicals (including poisonous, deleterious substances and alcohol), explosives, pharmaceuticals (including quasi drugs), agricultural chemicals, synthetic resins, cosmetics, dyes, pigments, auxiliary agents and raw materials therefor
  • (4) Agricultural, fishery and stock farm products, mineral and metal materials and products therefrom
  • (5) Food, oils, fat, beverages, alcoholic beverages and products therefrom, salt and tobacco
  • (6) Fertilizer, feed and raw materials therefor
  • (7) Leather, pulp, paper, rubber and products therefrom, sporting goods, daily necessities and general merchandise
  • (8) Electrical, electronic and telecommunication devices and components thereof
  • (9) Ceramic materials, timber, construction materials and products therefrom, recycled materials (scrap iron, scrap non-ferrous metal and used paper, etc.)
  • (10) Marine vessels, aircrafts, vehicles, firearms and components thereof
2. Warehousing business
3. Purchase and sale, lease, management, agency and brokerage of real estate
4. Design, execution, subcontracting and supervising of construction works
5. Lease of machinery and vehicles, etc.
6. Tourism business, operation of leisure facilities and restaurants
7. Travel business
8. Land, marine and air transportation and forwarding business
9. Property-casualty and automobile insurance agency business, life insurance solicitation business
10. Acquisition, planning, production, lease, sale and management of intangible property rights including industrial property rights and copyrights, know-how, system technologies and computer software
11. Temporary personnel placement services
12. Administrative agency services including payroll, reimbursement of travel expenses, etc., general affairs such as dispatch/receipt of postal items, etc. and accounting
13. Processing and manufacturing of textiles for garments
14. Processing and manufacturing of carbon and graphite products
15. Processing and molding of synthetic resins
16. Design, manufacturing and assembly of machinery for synthetic resin products
17. Manufacturing of paper products including paper containers and tubes, etc.
18. Purchase and sale of second-hand goods (including arts and craft antiques)
19. Wholesale, agency and brokerage business
20. Repair of medical devices
21. Any other businesses incidental and related to the preceding items

(Purpose of use)

1. Conclusion and execution of agreements concerning the provision of products and services, other business administration
2. Provision of information concerning products and services
3. Contacting customers and individuals concerning business matters and the provision of notices and information in accordance with social conventions
4. Provision of information concerning events, including exhibitions and seminars, etc.
5. Conducting surveys, research, analysis and audits
6. Implementation of prizes and campaigns, etc.
7. Exchange of information and contacting persons from related industries and groups
8. Provision of corporate information and contacting for job applicants and prospective employees
9. Human resource and labor management and welfare
10. Maintenance management and management of usage conditions of facilities, equipment and machinery
11. Responding to business inquiries and requests, etc.

Ⅲ . Purpose of use of shareholders information

Personal information belonging to shareholders is used for the following purposes.

1. Management of the execution of rights and performance of the obligations in accordance with the Companies Act and other relevant regulations
2. Granting benefits to shareholders
3. Implementation of measures to facilitate an understanding of corporate activities and to maintain an amiable relationship with our shareholders
4. Standard business administration, including the preparation of personal data of shareholders, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

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