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Focus on remaining at the forefront of global markets

Alongside textiles, industrial products make up another core business of GSI Creos. From raw materials to finished products, GSI Creos possesses advanced procurement and processing capabilities in three main areas - chemical products, industrial machinery/equipment and materials, and hobby/lifestyle goods. By working to increase synergy between these three areas, we are also looking toward expanding into the energy/environment, life quality and mechatronics markets.

Industrial Products Division
Industrial Products Division

Supplying specialty products and product materials
While GSI Creos handles a broad variety of products and product materials, each one is specially designed for optimal performance in each field and this is why we are the supplier of choice for a variety of industries and businesses.
Partnerships with a diverse range of companies
From mega suppliers both in and outside Japan to small-scale suppliers requiring tailor-made solutions, GSI Creos supports the business endeavors of a diverse range of partners to introduce products to our clientele.
Harnessing our expertise to deliver value-added solutions
Harnessing experience accumulated over years in the business and our global network, GSI Creos delivers solutions tailor-made to meet product and product material markets.

[ Business domains of our industrial products division ]

Chemical products

Chemical products

The import and export of raw materials for specialty coatings and personal care products
GSI Creos works in collaboration with leading manufacturers to develop and bring to market a range of specialty products, including innovative raw materials for specialty coatings and personal care products that are tailor-made to meet the demands of the market. In addition to these core products, we also handle a range of other products such as plastic resins and compounds for molding, packaging films, functional films and industrial films on a global scale.

Industrial machinery/equipment and materials

Industrial machinery/equipment and materials

Supplying cutting-edge semiconductor equipment & materials and composite machinery & materials etc.
GSI Creos sells a wide range of cutting-edge machinery/equipment and materials mainly in the fields of semiconductor and composite materials to leading manufacturers etc. Contributing to automotive lightweighting in Japan, we also deal in process machines to manufacture components made from CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) etc. Furthermore, our affiliated company related to the industrial products division, "Central Scientific Commerce, Inc.," handles equipment for food hygiene inspections such as various food testing equipment and disposables.

Hobby and lifestyle goods

Hobby and lifestyle goods

Design, manufacture and sale of hobby materials
GSI Creos also deals in hobby materials which help to soothe and enrich our lives. We are a pioneer in paint and equipment used to build plastic models, which are recognized by model enthusiasts around the world.
Our first encounter with a knitting machine manufacturer

New York Office at the time
New York Office at the time

GSI Creos started out with textiles as its sole business. It wasn't until the 1950s, approximately half a century ago that we branched out into other non-textile fields. A subsidiary was set up in New York, USA, and the president at the time, Goro Seki, concluded an agency agreement with a global female sock knitting machine manufacturer. At around the same time, agreements were entered into with other manufacturers dealing in textile dyes and textile auxiliary agents. This marked the start of business for GSI Creos in the non-textile business and is the foundation of our industrial products division today.

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